Pubg Vs Free Fire: Which one is better?

When you join PUBG for the first time and create a new account, you have a single chance to choose a Gamertag name during the initial setup process and you will be stuck with it for a long time. So it’s very important to select the cool or unique name to attract your opponents and other players in the game.pubg is a best Games ,you can asily change name in pubg mobile ....

PUBG Mobile was published on the Google Play Store and the App Store on  February 09, 2018. This game is owned by BlueHole Company and Tencent

The very first release of PUBG Mobile felt like a very cheap game. The PUBG MOBILE Lite available for all devices, lets you experience the PUBG Mobile's initial gameplay. But, this game progressed throughout the years and now provides high-quality gameplay in mobile devices. 

It is not that this game is supported in only higher end devices, it is also supported by low end devices, but the game feels sticky. Though the original fun of PUBG Mobile is hard to experience in lower end devices, the expensive smartphone like iPhone, OnePlus, and ROG can give you an amazing feel of this game.